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Please join and tell your friends to join, too! I’m thinking there’ll be good competition!    😉

So those who like to advertise their site, may you please join the contest? People will go to your site to see if they should vote for you!


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Season 1 Sign-Ups!

To get more info about the first season sign-ups, please look at the box to the right that says “Welcome!” on it.
Thanks and tell your friends about this so your favorite penguins win!


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Welcome to the Re-Opening of the Penguin Oscar Awards! This time, it's on another site and with another famous host... Lavaster, your favorite! We need cool penguins like YOU to join! Please e-mail us at with this form filled out: (1) What is your penguin/comment name? In other words, what does every CP (club penguin) player know you as? (2) What is your blog? (Please, it must ONLY be a Wordpress, Blogger, or Piczo or whatever it is called. If it is a WEBSITE or FORUM, your entry will be rejected.) (3) Do you have a YouTube? If so, what is your channel called? (4) Are you able to take pictures of your penguin, igloo, and other stuff? EVERY WEEK ALL NOMINEES WILL HAVE TO TURN IN (e-mail) WHATEVER IS REQUIRED FOR THE WEEKLY CATEGORY. For example, week 1 might be a photo shoot of the nominees' main penguins that they signed up with. They'd have to e-mail with that photo, a secret judge will have a look and judge that photo, and then others would be able to VOTE for who they think should win in that category. If a nominee does NOT turn in their photo in time or at ALL, they will be eliminated. Who knows? Maybe there'll be a double-elimination sometime! Try to avoid that. You see? The Penguin Oscar Awards is very important and can make people feel very anxious or nervous. That's the competition! Good Luck to those who sign-up and those who make it in! EACH SEASON'S WINNER WILL RECEIVE A FREE TROPHY TO POST ON THEIR SITE/YOUTUBE CHANNEL/etc. and will also be posted in the HALL OF FAME page. Runner-ups will be posted on the RUNNER-UPS subpage in the HALL OF FAME. Each season also takes as long as decided by the host. CURRENTLY WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY JUDGE SIGN-UPS, ANY IDEAS FOR THE SHOW, OR ANY HOST SIGN-UPS. Please do not ask to advertise your site here, because if you wanted to, you'd have to pay us $5 and ten bucks for a permanent, forever ad. Which is highly unlikely to happen, anyway...


To Join, Please let me know if you are a girl or boy. 2.) Your penguin name or nickname 3.) 5-6 reasons (6th is optional or extra, you can do more for a better chance to get in) why you think you should be a contestant here. 4.) Do you have a wordpress? If you have a site/blog but its not a wordpress, please let me know. If you don't have a wordpress or anything like that, let me know. 5.) Have you been to before coming here? THIS APPLICATION CAN ALSO BE FILLED OUT, I'D REALLY APPRECIATE IT IF YOU FILLED this ONE OUT. Thanks, it makes it a LOT easier for the BOTH of us!

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Status: Season 1 Sign-Ups Previously we have re-done the ENTIRE SITE (including erasing all comments, pages, posts, headers, pics, widgets, etc.), but of course we couldn't change the site views.